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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 26, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> >>
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>> >> >>mark: top stories are that authorities are searching for a man that may have fallen into the bay. they are attempting to >> and and will tell you abou the unusual move that police are making to track down on any possible islands. >>darya: and let's take a quick look at weather and traffic. >>james: it will be warmer than yesterday. it is afternoon will be sunny and breezy and you can see the needles on the top of mt. tam
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blowing in the trees. >> the fog will return to the coast tonight. we have a nice weekend coming up to. we will have that in a bit. it >>george: not the bridge is look good. we are looking at a light traffic with the rest of the bay area. >>darya: 703 am. it they're continuing to search for a man that fell off of. 32 into the water. they are continuing to search but have found nothing. >>will: you can see the fired are met, at the coast guard at the end of the pier at pit they
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looked on night. they continue to search until they find this man. i learned that it is a 27 year old man there was a dodgers fan. it he and his buddy were at the end of that here were at the end of the pierre pean. as buddy turned around heard the man fell into the water bandsaw his buddy in the water. that's why he called for help. they sought -- lost to the helicopter and they came out here. it has been eight hours or the battalion chiefs said this. it >> this is an abandoned part of the pier at and there is nowhere else for him to go. >> begun a rescue boat out last night. we had assistance by the pulp
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coastguard. the concerts all night. we searched all night. will the amount will >> this is the car they came and hid. apparently a friend is the cooperating with the authorities. the water is cold. but the with the sun coming up this morning they believe will be warm enough for them to search. >>darya: and looks like the pier is not lit. it might be very easy to step into the water.
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the >> it is pretty well >> it is pretty dark down there pared it was a giants game. there couldn't bend natural light or headlights. are what ever reason no one saw this man go into the water. he said his friend turned around and he was no longer to be seen in irian. or else where he go? if he walked back with taken several minutes to get to the and the pier head. he is walking along the bottom planks what makes it appear it is very dangerous. did they say is that ben could swim in it
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>>will: they know at this time that alcohol may have been a factor. i guess the friend confessed to that. >>darya: thanks allot mark >> the police went undercover dressed as a dodgers fan. this is and it response to the fight that left brian stowe brain the amount this is the first time that the police have used this tactic. it is meant that amount >> as it also comes on the back of this video the giants
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fans were biting on the bay bridge. >>darya: these men assaulted a pregnant woman and peter up i and in the middle of the day on a bart train. here is. here is that they them at -- here is the woman. they named the attackers. here is what the woman has to say. >> i was screaming and they were punching me in my face and my eye. i continued screaming and struggling it was the girl was holding me. i was looking to everyone on
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the train to help me >>darya: and and it was in the middle of the day and our people on the train. nobody helps the girl. see is when to be ok. the police caught up when girls that be her up. >>mark: this man was shot by police with a fight with the officers that were serving an arrest warrant at his home. >>justine: we are getting an update from authorities on the wild wide and is in colorado. here is the second part of a
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draft press conference in. thousands of people have been evacuated. this is the waldo canyon fire. the accord to find out what authorities are saying about how big the fire and is in with the evacuee numbers are in this moment. will keep you updated. >>darya: flash flood warnings have been issued at a florida and southern georgia. this is where that tropical storm debby and dropped 15 in. of rain and then slowly the east. thousands of people are being told to stay, and try to stay dry. this is expected to bring more of the same and the days ahead.
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debbie is supposed to be over the state and into the atlantic by friday. >>mark: we have a report coming out showing consumer confidence falling for the fourth straight month. the dow jones is down 19 points. will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride.
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>>mark: welcome back as kron 4 morning ms. herod the city
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council of stock and is looking at weather and not to close the city's $60 million deficit karen -- $69 million $69 million def 16 million dollar deficit. >> look at this fight is captured by passer-by. the three men in the '20s recharged with assault with a deadly what weapon which was bare feet. the police are looking with the two suspects. they turned themselves in on june 20th at after the video went by role in online.
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the time out is 7:15 a.m.. >>darya: . taking a live look outside.
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>>darya: present obama as am i
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am in florida. the republican mitt romney save more -- raise more than $76 million last month income. the democratic republican party is relocating a kid got a that care bareheaded -- they're having it in downtown charlotte. the convention will be shortened to three days. >>mark: the supreme court
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struck down key parts at arizona's immigration law. minutes and of president obama's says the prison that was left these option open for racial profiling. >> i do support the 1070. and i have had people there are operations on human struggling -- human smuggling, and there ought the streets and in the jails. this is not any thing that we haven't already been doing. >>mark: several other state that asked as arizona areas and is is the first toot it reached
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the supreme court it . >>darya: @ there as a picture of the ball yet waldo and wild fire and colorado. flames on the all-time pared plains art shooting up the whole time. this fire is not the only one causing problems. there is another one in northern colorado and that has destroyed hundreds of acres also appear
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>>james: is going to be a nice day today. the temperatures will be in the upper seventies and low 80s. you can see our live camera on the roof showing as a shot of san francisco. there is a slight breeze and the air. it is presently a little warmer than earlier. i have not seen the temperature move much. it is the lower to mid 50s across the bay. by then in time we are looking for '60s and '70s. in the afternoon we are seen the '80s moving behind the central ballet and some of that
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may affect our area. let's take a look at the south bay bridge. it is mostly the '70s. it these days will along the coast. then when you go into the san ramon valley you can see the upper seventies impossibly low 80s pit and and san francisco w be 66 degrees. these temperatures will warm as we move into the next couple of days. wednesday is expected to be the hottest day at the year -- week. and possibly other as they might move up a degree or two.
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let's scare to george or traffic. >>george: not let's start with a branch check. the west bound ride seized the back up rowing a little bit with a 16 minute ride. the san mateo bridge is a problem the golden gate bridge south bound has no problems. a star at the track on the east shore freeway. it is 16-19 minutes. 680 south the starting to slow a bit but no problems. your south bay freeways are picking at some slow traffic as you head toward saratoga on 85 between 811 and 88. it there is the marin ride. it is starting to pick up a little bit and the south bound
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the traffic is still under 30 minutes. >>darya: when it comes to driving the penalty makes the drivers' behavior. it than than a new study and they find out that distracted driving penalties are not doing that job. the aaa has done a study that said that moderate some may use track of bay traffic laws if the penalty is stiffer. once they act on it a whole list of things is is never as inexpensive as they say. we'll be back with more and our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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or is customers noticed that mac users spend 30 percent more. pay offer a different hotel options to mac users over pcs. the travel agency's strategy does not so different prices on
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the same room as opposed to windows users. is nicer it options and more hotels. some at the goal of the mat tables show you it more expensive option if you go on to orbit the they will show you less-expensive options. >>darya: take a look from our mt. tam cam you can see the clouds and the distance. we'll be right back.
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mt. tam
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then let >>darya: and and police as a
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looking but amanda felt the fear into the water after a dodgers game. >> @ there is an attack by of a pregnant woman on a bart train. >> tropical storm that is bidding to of board and dropping a lot of rain on northern florida and upper -- southern georgia. >>james: we have a beautiful start to this tuesday. it will be getting to at to be the upper 70's and and low 80s mark gearan the weekend fantastic.
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>>george: there are still hot spot. with the ride and then the bay area. the golden gate bridge is an easy ride. they show the other there is a little bit of congestion on 580 and highway 4 4, and the rest o the bay area and has a modern air at ride. >>mark: a man fell into the water off a pier 32 after the giants game. go to will tran. >>will: you can see that the san francisco police department as well as the fire department at the edge. they are being assisted by the coast guard. the search may be at about an hour and half during the next phase. the iroquois to judge the
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water and see how tapia is pin. they may sent divers and. they do not do that last night because you cannot see. >> is a 27 year old dodges band came with his friend last night. the friend told the authorities that he turned his back and when he came around his friend was no longer there. >> the decision was made to launch more search units today and possible more than likely they had some alcohol. there were both young healthy guys the racketeer. one fell in the water. >>will: they did license
7:34 am
plates check and they confirm that the two men came in this black bmw. we do not know where they are from. all we know is that the friend that fell into the water was wearing jeans and a dodgers jack at the time. because of the waves in the car if he could be further away from. . they will have helicopters back up as well. >>mark: thanks >>will: >>darya: to people are in custody today after beating at a pregnant woman on a bart train. there's a reasonable expectation of safety on this train especially in 3:00 in the afternoon.
7:35 am
this woman was attacked as the train was pulled into concord station. you can see see is six months pregnant. >> day at my face and nose. i try to fight off the attackers. she could identify her attacker is and they have been arrested. >> i bake them not to hit me because i'm pregnant. the first thing i did was sit on the floor and government, with my laptop. they started punching me in my face and eyes in my ear. i they tried to cover my mouth
7:36 am
when i continue to scream they tried to grab my items. i was looking to everyone on the train for help that they would not help. the older only person to try to help was an elderly woman. and they try to scare her and pretend that they had a weapon. he says he backed off. steve is able to break free and get off of the train. bart police say the both suspects have criminal histories. the victims as its he is afraid to ride art anymore. >> the three days a week involved more than 20 law enforcement agency arrested six under age girls. they was the rescue of six six under age girls karen there was
7:37 am
also adult prussic to prostatism that were in the spring. these girls ranged in age from 15 years old to 17 years old. they're all and protectants custody. it is not unusual for these traffickers to use popular web sites like facebook. >> people opposed private information. creditors take advantage of this. if somebody gets intoxicated and put themselves uncompromising positions. and then there pulled into a dark underworld kirby exploited. they just are so humiliated they cannot pull themselves out >> but this is a person that was arrested. others were arrested in richmond, san francisco and san
7:38 am
rafael. it >> . the golden gate bridge with a lot more sense dynamics seen in the last few days.
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>>justine: there is bent leaks include an allegation of a kill less. some say that his intimation was released to a enhance boat president obama has the elegant image of being a tough guy. >>mark: it we were up 20 points and now we have had a 40 point swing.
7:42 am
the deputy minister and is now quitting in greece. rupert murdoch's mes corp. as it. it would cut the fox news network and the fox tv network and to two different companies. >>darya: we will be with gary radnich
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>>darya: we sleep then endemic go into the first place. >>brian: -- ] >>gary: it would eat it with the key to this city? >>darya: get they get the key to >> ] >>gary: i had a key to this city. i was given at for my 20th anniversary. it is on the date at the bay
7:49 am
to breakers race. >>darya: you really have the key to this city? ] >>gary: yes i did i have a mycorrhiza next to my lions club of war. i'm just saying he had a chance to be a politician between party dozen people get out then i appreciated at dispelling it i have one too. >>darya: i am very impressed. did you hear about this thing that the cops where they are
7:50 am
wearing dodges clothing and purposely interjected themselves to see it is any trouble. ] >>gary: at it. >> i would tell you that if that's what it takes to stop this these stupid people i'm all for it. does she think it's a great idea? it >>darya: i not know if that is a set up but if that's what it takes to set you up to punch me then you shouldn't be there. ] >>gary: effected he noted dodgers fans are horrible and what time they think they can get attention you have to stop them.
7:51 am
>>darya: while giving is ok. let's world >> and finally bust of what to say thank you for useless. >> >>darya: the red sox fans are upset with the loss. i felt a little awkward. ] >>gary: and and as i was out o doubt i would be cooling him for the jobs situation. the older you get the more you say is how you feel. the year without a job i don't
7:52 am
care who the president is. it it >>darya: its sounds like this lady must be miserable. she will not drop his lawsuit over a 11 year old boy. in new jersey this boy over through the pitcher in the ball hit her. ] >>gary: has she healed from this? >>darya: see one never feel you know the pain and suffering. >>darya: i'm thinking can they sit a little bleak? you know that those balls fly in who has not been hit by a ball especially in little league.
7:53 am
he was warming up a pitcher karen. you call it an accident. the parents say it was an accident there amount ] >>gary: i heard the dull play little league. >>darya: alicea to mark. we will see you tomorrow gary. we will be right back.
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queen elizabeth has let this script and the former, and there said so courtesy by kurt sing. >> and and when not at -- mad travels with a crew that removes any evidence and dna are her fingerprints. please visit my face but fan pays to see what is happening on the web. >>mark: and and take a live lo at side on this tuesday morning. we are showing sunshine of the debate right now. there are weather and traffic around the bay when we come back.
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then >>mark: authorities are racing against the clock weather looking for a person is gone into the bay. in offices are in full force the regime may not see them. police serrate making it crack down on violence and the ball games. >> there is a bomb and a pregnant woman attacked and robbed by writing part. >>james: and and it is already sending out there and will continue to be nice for the rest of the day. and in the morning and be patchy low clouds. a will clear out by this afternoon. it will be in between the '70s andand 60's and linchpin and
8:01 am
possibly the '80s inland. the ball return tonight. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots currently. we are looking at moderate conditions of round the bay area right now. there is nothing to distinguish other than by 580 and highway 4. there are no hot spots. >>darya: there is an early morning fire and burglar and and we just confirm that this fire that started around 430 in the morning where two people had to be told at of the house. one of those people have died. the other one is in critical condition. >>mark: and and firefighters worked in san jose fighting three separate fires.
8:02 am
the first fire broke out about midnight and 71 on the block at mark went away. this was a kitchen fire. within a half an hour and a second and eighth. fire broke out in irian one of them was a trash can. they say that it was threatening a fourplex. the third fire was about 1230 1 in the 200 block of quiet drive. it is a similar story when a trash can was did. >> to people are in custody this morning accused of beating at a pregnant woman in the middle of the day. they tried to rob the girl. it happened at 330 in the
8:03 am
afternoon. police are identifying the suspect were now are arrested. >> this was the abandoned part of the be of the. there is nowhere else to go so we are certain that he fell into the water. >> we are going to hear the girl that manage to break free that was the wrong video >> and police arrested her to the attackers after this happened. >>darya: there's searching for a man that bound to the water
8:04 am
above. 33 pit --. pier 32. will tran is there. >>will: and and they came here from at&t park. they parked their car at the. at the end of the pier. they're not calling in recovery mission. they are hoping that he is still out there. they still say there is a chance that perhaps he is still alive this morning. this morning. >> is a 27 year-old man from the sacramento area. they came here after the game.
8:05 am
apparently they he was standing on the edge of the pier >> he turned his back and when he turned around his friend was long gone. >> aunt there is nowhere else for him to go. we had a fire but out right away. we got coast guard assistance. they lost a small boat as well as a helicopter. we conducted searches on night. brian able to locate anyone. the decision was made to wait for the light of day. and it we are going to do more searches today. >>will: i see no divers and the water at this point sent.
8:06 am
here is a black band that did that belongs to the boat at the young man that's corporate with the authorities at this time. we believe that he would -- they were the only to at the end of. of the. . they're the only two at the end of the up here -- pierre >> darya at what point do they think they will have to give up? >>will: at this point they're not going to give up. it is beautiful this morning. they are going to take this opportunity to block pit is
8:07 am
beautiful and clear and they're going to take as much time as they need. we do not know how long. >>mark: and and san francisco taken up their badges and dressed as dodgers fans. this has to do with the fight in l.a. last season and the fight after one of the games a few weeks ago. this is on the heels of this fight and the bay bridge series the a's and the dive into the coliseum. there is a youtube video that we found. the fans rushed to the rear-ended and giants fan gets knocked to the ground. after 45 seconds to a police
8:08 am
russian. >>justine: we talked a little bit earlier this morning about a plane crashed in northern el allen new-line. andand it is a fatal plane cras it was called in when their plane said there was a pirate on board. we were told it was a small single engine aircraft with one person on board. the at a -- that investigating. it >>darya: the pace of hurricane debbie is only 3 mi. per hour. this increases the possibility of more flooding were no north florida and southern georgia.
8:09 am
forecasters say the flooding will continue to be a problem as a storm crosses the state. the will be back in just a few minutes. [ man ] get the 20 piece mcnuggets. what? that lovely girl, caught your eye? 20 piece mcnuggets are only $4.99. you offer to share them. that's pretty smart. [ male announcer ] 20 piece chicken mcnuggets now on mcdonald's new extra value menu.
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>>darya: of 59 percent of the deaths occurred in south east africa. the new estimate could be used in help response for future academic epidemics parent cannot most people with high blood pressure or diabetes are treated the people with addictions out of hot and tobacco are not being treated. nearly one one in 10 people wer needed treatment for it to the treatment of drugs one in 12 people suffer from an addiction. >>mark: it can see the traffic at the golden gate bridge.
8:13 am
there is lots of sunshine around the area. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road to being on vacation. hilton honors. the guest loyalty program
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with over thirty-eight hundred hotels worldwide.
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>>darya: and and a raging wild is in colorado springs. it started on saturday. but as one of seven active while buyers in that state.
8:16 am
there is smoke and flames coming up. you can see flames shooting up over the top. my house is still there. >>darya: this is not the only fire that is causing problems. there's another when burning near fort collins. >>mark: the red devastating floods and minnesota. they are cleaning up there are volunteers coming of to call clean of physician. a nearby creek overflowed and threatened animals. the damage is rated between five and $600,000. >>james: here is a pretty shut
8:17 am
from walnut creek. the san ramon valley will be one of our warmus locations later on today. san jose is 59. san francisco is 54. is mostly the '50's about the bay area. that stake, the with the temperatures will be a town in time. by three and afternoon it will begin to get you can see it a possible low 80s out in the east bay. let's have a quick tour of the temperatures expecting this afternoon. the south bay will be widespread '70s.
8:18 am
the same forecast or the east bay ballets as well in irian the upper 60s and low 70's along the shore line. and then possible low 80s and the far this the east. sam francisco is 66. 77 is are the '70s and around it the wine country. it only gets better as we had are there and to the wheat pit. it will be warming at tomorrow and it will be the warmest day on thursday >>george: after a quiet start of the morning commute we are tracking several events.
8:19 am
first the ride on 92 and san mateo was bound there as report of an accident with injuries and they left lane remains blocked. not yet indicating big delays at the back could be a huge problem. in 92 northbound it -- at 66 is the problem. this could start to back up the southern am are wearing we are looking at the bay bridge with the west bound rides. there are no backups. it is a very easy trip to the bay bridge pit let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. the volume is up but there are no problems on southbound 101
8:20 am
their budget arrested dealing with child prostitution and the bay area. this resulted in the rescue of six under age girls the park. that end up when sampras cisco and san rafael. 16 wind adult prostitutes or also netted in this thing. it the girl's range from 15 years old to 17 years ago. they post on -- the use of the popular web sites like base but to solicit these girls. >> and and a young person tha was himself in a compromising position impossibly positions of drinking. they are pulled into this dark underworld and exploit a --
8:21 am
exploited. they feel so humiliated they cannot pull themselves out of this. >> there is one of the men taken into custody the others are dressed dead were in richmond, sentences, and san rafael. the red cross is calling on a possible blood donors to pull up their sleeves and donate as soon as possible karen ball blood types. they did neither rare blood types to get the patient demand. >>mark: us take a look at the bay bridge.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> et de >> >> >>mark: as take a look at the dow jones industrial average. it is up 24 points. spain's barring costs have doubled and tripled in the last few months. as opinion for the bail out yesterday. it spain is auctioning off
8:25 am
close to $4 billion. good news though for home prices, at a rose and all u.s. cities. the housing market is slowly improving and and the national increase was 1.3%. san francisco and the knicks showed the biggest increases. >>darya: could be the largest city in the county to declare bankruptcy. they project a $26 million deficit. it the council members met late last night to talk about it they had until midnight to
8:26 am
reach a deal with creditors. there's an update on their rage incidents are these two suspects attacked a man on a freeway. the take them was charged with unrelated charges of assault. it was another driver on their road record in this. the boat the two men turned themselves and on june 20th after this the video when cairo. >> the man is expected to be ok. >>darya: it there is a emmys
8:27 am
and the jerry sandusky in a mural of penn state has been replaced by an activist with a blue ribbon which is symbolic of the the battle against child abuse. one of sandusky attorney said the former o'clock coach is going to appeal that conviction after the jury found him guilty of 45 charges of sexual abuse. he said that the convictions should be thrown out because he had ineffective counsel. >> by pennsylvania allot the attorney cannot be fired till after the conviction parent >>mark: take a look outside from our group camera.
8:28 am
we will be right back
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>darya: the san francisco police and the coast guard are looking for a man that fell off the pier after the game last night. two people are in custody after eating at a pregnant woman and broad daylight on a bart train. >> tropical storm debbie is moving slowly off the florida is coast. that means more flooding. you can see how much rain they have received already. >>mark: here is a quick update on bay area traffic and weather. ] >>gary: we have a hot spot.
8:31 am
there is one on the san mateo bridge with a was an accident on a high rise. there is possibly to lanes back up from mid span all the back to the toll plaza. changes on highway 92. there is an accident that was on a 80 at 66 that has been cleared. there are two lanes of traffic locked in marin county. the traffic is not very badly back up because it has been quite light through marin county. >> there is one developing and san francisco on the ride to the lower deck. there is a signal alert is to andand they're trying to it dea with some sand that was built
8:32 am
on the bay bridge. traffic as loved all the way across the span and is backed up along the way to reach is onto 101 north >> . make sure you use the 280 extension. >>james: today is going to be fine. mostly sunny the sample and then. the need '60s and '70s and most of the air with low 80s inland. tamara's warmer afternoon more eighties inland. and then by thursday and be even warmer and then by the weekend and be much conditions and dry weather pattern the >>darya: will tran has been at.
8:33 am
32. this is where a man fell into the water in the dark. will tran is live this morning. the >> we now he is a >>will: another he is a 27 year-old man from the sacramento area. the sample the police apartment is being helped out by the of fire department. i talked to a battalion chief and they have not classified as as the recovery mission as of yet karen because it's only been nine hours in the water it his chances of surviving are slim to none. i asked him how this man could
8:34 am
possibly fall into the water without his band hearing at. as men turned his back while taxing and his friend apparently fell into the water but no one heard or saw him. check this out on the video. if here is much higher that in the water below. given the circumstances there is a good chance that unless he was screaming at the top of this line of the was no one that would hear him ball and at the time pit it especially coming from the game last night. it was a series of bad choices. >>darya: that is very sad. >>mark: it at that point they're not saying that any foul play was involved in is
8:35 am
just a tragic accident. they do not know why he was standing it up beside the fact that the man cannot swim. two people are now in custody after police arrested them for beating up a pregnant women while riding a bart train yesterday afternoon. >> it there is a reasonable expectation of safety on the train especially at o'clock in the afternoon. this woman was attacked when the train pulled into the concord station. he conceded she is six months pregnant karen they started beating on my face. it just hurts a little. it did not damage my eye. i did a to see that i had to attackers. >> and and the police identif
8:36 am
the two attackers. i asked them to please not hit me because i'm pregnant print they try to grab my items in the first thing i did was sit on the floor and cover my tummy with my laptop. i was screaming when they started beating me on my face and my eyes. he is trying to cover by wis set double my mouth -- he was trying to cover my mouth. i was screaming and was looking to anyone for help. there was an older woman the came up and but he tried to scare her away. he pretended he had a weapon can he said she backed off.
8:37 am
police. that the two perpetrators right after the attack. >> and this woman says she is scared to read part anymore. >>darya: on here is a look at the damage that is already done by tropical storm debby. it is planning to bring up to 2 ft. of rain. it is supposed to go over the state in east into the atlantic ocean by friday. use caution where you can drive you may encounter a very deep water >>justine: and and the has jus learned it was a big win for the environmental protection
8:38 am
agency. appel the central finding at that greenhouse gases in danger public health and welfare. the epa said it is a greenhouse gases were likely responsible for global warming. agency also said that its agencies but all these decisions. be with george for attracting women come back.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>>george: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we're tracking several hot spots. the traffic is backed all across this >> tale bridge. do not even think about heading that direction. >> and and as big delays in semblances go. there is san built on -- spilled on the deck. kron 4 news will be right back.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>george: we are tracking to major hot spots.
8:45 am
at what is a san mateo bridge and the west bound a lane is blocked at a high ride. it is that traffic all way back to the ball tow plaza. did not had south rather the dumbarton bridge because traffic is a stand still are highway 92. it has you can see is already getting down to 84 here and them are the dumbarton as a better ride. it if you're heading to san francisco traffic is coming to a stop trying to get on the lower deck of the bay bridge. there is a caltrans sweeper truck dealing with a load of sand that was spilled. this paper has been working in
8:46 am
the right-hand lane but you can see that is jam up the ride not only getting on the bridge but all the approaches to it. looking at to ride to the bay bridge toll plaza west bound it can see that the traffic is moving reasonably well for the upper deck. the five atf approached it is only back that it to the >>darya: is on the scene >> to people got out of the house buyer but one of the died in a house fire and one bomb was injured. we have eight eight -- we have jackie sizzle on the scene. >>jackie: it it is the early
8:47 am
morning fire that took one big dent in irian and the other person was injured. when they got here the house was slowly and golfed and flames and smoke. they made entry into the home and they found the two victims. they were able to get them out on the street we do is that were that one of the victims was pronounced dead and one of them is in critical condition karen karen they are going to can continue the investigation. they say that at least one of the smoke detectors and the house was working when they got here. as we get more abomasum we
8:48 am
will pass it on. >>darya: to me know how old these people were? >>darya: do know that there are two male victims that were between 40 and 50 years old. or o'clock in the morning is the worst time for a buyer -- for a buyer. need to make sure that your fire alarms are working in the house. >>mark: turkish officials are saying that the plane was in syrian airspace but turkey says that syria and helicopters have
8:49 am
violated their airspace without any retaliation. >>darya: obama as in miami raising cash for his presidential campaign >> and they're saying that republicans are going to spend more money then history tend to be a bomb appeared that democrats have their debt convention going pin >> the carolina offense of labor day events will be held in downtown charlotte and stepped at charlotte motor speedway. they said that logistically it was just impossible. >> and and in january also sa
8:50 am
the convention will be shortened to three days. >>mark: the high court struck down key port parts of arizona as immigration law. they did allow the police to check the immigration status if they have stopped them for a routine traffic stop. >> representatives of the obama administration say that this is open for racial profiling. >> we have been doing this for the last four years. there is questions on human smuggling and crime suppression. their 51,000 people on the streets and in the jail. it is good to send a message that we are doing the right thing.
8:51 am
arizona governor's stand were assigned this lot into it a few it -- two years ago. >>darya: that's good to james for the weather. >>james: the weather is beautiful. there is a lot of sunshine out there. today we are looking pockets and of clouds here and there. there are mild temperatures. we're taking a quick look at where we are at the moment. san francisco is at the keyboard. it is widespread '50's around area with a few high '40's. here's a look at what it's going to be like it new-line in time. the be more sun shines and the temperatures will be on the
8:52 am
increase in women go to three in the afternoon we will expect larger areas to be in the '70s. and antioch and fairfield are in great standing to see low 80s today. down in the south bay we are looking for clothes. san francisco will be 60 or. we will have poured some portions an enormous bang up to 82 degrees. >> and and let's take a look the great rest of the week. andand the temperatures will increase into the mid '80s and this will continue into the weekend.
8:53 am
>>mark: at this is a reminder that we will have the fourth of july celebration at july 4th route 05 on kron 4. the lobby the fireworks are around area right here on kron 4 starting at 9:00 p.m..
8:54 am
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the simple joy of spicy perfection. ♪ but then at the cannes 40 espn >>george: q. are look better to use the dumbarton bridge as alternate. the lower deck is completely cleared of the stance bill and as we protect to deal with it but you will see how bad the back up is.
8:57 am
it is back at 3 did james lick 3 way frit. >>justine: >>erica: we do have news that ¢ was in a at accident. at doctors are running tests on his neck and back. >> snoop dog son is offered a scholarship. >> nba star at may miss the money in the olympics due to a fight. he has to have an operation to
8:58 am
remove a chard that has penetrated his left eye. we have to take a quick break in the kron 4 news will be right back.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>mark: at bank schedule a as today. this is a live look here from sam and cisco where authorities are racing to try to find someone who has fallen and the water. >> offices are going to be out in force but you may not see them. there is a crackdown wet officer is under cover. we are falling another story. a woman was attacked on part. >>darya: we're going to george with an update on the hot spots.
9:01 am
but we have one here on the san mateo bridge which is blocking to left lanes on highway 92. traffic is solidly back up all day across the bridge. and it is backed up to press down 92 past 880. do not even think about heading to the san mateo bridge or the next hour. even if they get a clear it will probably take an hour to clear the back up. it >> here is your alternate route but it is getting a little bit more clout grattan of the the dumbarton bridge. >> this signal alert has been cancelled on the bay bridge. this is traffic on what a one northbound trying to get into this city. it is badly back up because of earlier occurred problems on the mower dead.
9:02 am
they have cleared up this sand spell but this is the resulting back up. another hot spot is the ride through marin county were to lanes are blocked. it is at serve francis drake boulevard. in is cleared but the drive time is only about 34 minutes even with this incident him let's go to erica for the weather. >>erica: and and it is a bit chilly and the north bay. we have temperatures and the upper '40's to the mid-50s. it it will be warmer than here's the breakdown afternoon highs will be '60s and '70s with the possible '80s inland. >>mark: investigators or on the scene at a deadly house
9:03 am
fire at oakland. jackie sizzle is on the scene with the latest. >>jackie: investigators are still on the scene there. there is one person dead and another in critical condition. this morning the oakland fire department received a call. they said that house was in flames when they came there. they made entry to the house and pulled to the victims out. they started cpr. they were transported to a local hospital care and at that hospital one of those victims was pronounced dead. the second person is in critical condition. investigators are here. they do not know what it was very early in the morning.
9:04 am
they do not know why these victims were not be able to get out on their island. this is a developing story and will bring in more as it comes out. >>james: >>mark: there is the separate fires this morning that was described as suspicious. the present one was it marked was away in the 7100 block and was a kitchen fire and has not under suspect. but then within a short. the time to fourplexes it were at they found two different trash cans on there were trash
9:05 am
cans on fire broke apart complexes. 13 people from the fourplex had to find another place to stay because -- day because of the damage. >>darya: and and the are monitoring a surge of of a man that fell into the water last night after the dodgers game. >>will: it you can see the police department on the scene of working with the coast guard. they're having post along the side. they're going right next to the. looking underneath it to see if maybe that man is pinned underneath there. he fell into the water 10 and a half hours ago. he was a man is when the sacramento area.
9:06 am
he fell into the water. he was with a friend who was taxing or looked away and when he looked back the man was not their parent. perhaps he fell into the water because no one saw him walk away. if he had walked back appear he would of past his friend and he could have seen him. according to the italian -- according to the police officer there has a long drop before he would hit the water and there is a possibility that you would not hear this blast. they have admitted that alcohol may have been a factor. it is not improbable that his friend on land did not hear him ball into the water the police department as well as the fire department is not officially
9:07 am
saying that he is alive but after this length of time are suspecting that he is not. they also determined that the man that fell into the water could not >> >>mark: and and police officer went to the dodgers came under cover dressed and dodgers. . police were in the stands and in the parking lot parent this is the first time the police had used this tactic in a this is after it this fight broke out in the stands during the giants' game. but after 45 seconds police show up and break it up. >>darya: take a look at what's
9:08 am
going on with tropical storm debby. there is a lot of sliding and northern florida and southern georgia. the president is now promising federal aid for the region. this storm could dump as much of 15 in. of rain has said is slowly moving to the east. it is living 3 mi. per hour. many bridges and florida are closed due to the water and flooding. then it should be across this state and into the atlantic by friday. >>mark: after earlier gains the dow is down but it. we will have more on the market's winners and losers today.
9:09 am
>>justine: and and this year t play is projecting that or 0.8 million californians will make a mad dash out of town on this unusual midweek holiday. they say that they are going to start their trip on friday june 29th, which is the week prior to the fourth of july karen >> to pull a projects that we 0.8 million californians will drive. >> and and triple bay as well
9:10 am
it you want to avoid all of this deaconess stay with us for our july 4th live celebration. you will get this see fireworks from san rafael and of course a spectacular fireworks and san francisco. this is right here on kron 4 on july 4th. the will be right back. it is
9:11 am
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>>george: bought back to the kron 4 morning news. the highway patrol is should have the lanes cleared and about 50 minutes. look what it's done to the ride. it is completely jammed up all the way back to '92 was them. do not even think about heading to the san mt. tam bridge. use the dumbarton bridge instead or the sec and cisco oakland bridge. there is a problem on 101 northbound. deacon see the back up reaches beyond third street at the 280 in a change from one a one with them.
9:14 am
we'll be right back after the break on the kron 4 morning news.
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> >>mark: we are watching wall street. that has been fluctuating up and down. we are with rob black to talk about some winners and losers. >> and and >>rob: the get them economic read on housing.
9:17 am
they say that 19 out of 20 see cities saw the gains. new-home sales have actually reached a high. it is not really going up but it stopped going down. by where there are jobs. always buy a house that a woman would like to buy like in a good school system. >>mark: of the stack at 20 percent down payments now. >>rob: there are all kinds of programs out there. this is good news whit at --
9:18 am
for all of the bay area listeners. >>mark: the down payment is a pretty hefty. >>mark: >>will: i'd rather have an exam for a man ever 40 they go through the down payment process. >>mark: our e supposed to save to save up for a down payment. >> and and >>will: it is 15 percent of my paycheck i saved. these people are going to be working until they die. i sometimes do months of retirement. they have to be saving more money. then they get hit with a
9:19 am
disability. we have to do more to take care by the time i get social security it will probably about set be about 70 years old. say why you are young and beautiful city don't have to when you're older. >>mark: >>rob: i use my neighbor's water when he some vacation and i plugged into his electric outdoors. save money any way you can. you can cut television and you can always get kron 4 for free. >>
9:20 am
>>mark: let's talk about hewlett-packard. >> in the next 20 years -- in the next several years they will cut 20,000 jobs. they spent $13.9 billion on some equipment that they spend too much if i were living in palo alto may be their real estate will go down. and not say the that is where to happen. i was saved by ibm and dell by h-p. >> you by the media company
9:21 am
of talks. the newspaper business no one once. some people consider him to be an evil man. splitting the company says that i care about the shareholders. now shareholders are saying that they want some shareholder action taken. it's a smart thing to do. the stock will not go anywhere until they show that the care about us. let's go to george for traffic. >>george: we have a major back up all way across the span and
9:22 am
a long 92. they have been cleared but our block for over an hour in the westbound direction. the back up reaches all a to 92. we did just learned that they we opened them lanes and canceled the signal alert. you should avoid this san mateo bridge for in recent hour because it will take at least that long to clear and out. there was an earlier occuring problems on the lower deck of the bay bridge. traffic is still backed up in the north into candlestick causeway into step into scope. the san spill on the lower deck has been cleared.
9:23 am
the bay bridge and west bound and your commute to san francisco is still a pretty good one. it is at a 11-12 minute drive. let's go to wether with erica print temperatures will be below the seasonal average >> there is plenty of sunshine and sabbats is up. it is the upper 50s and lower 60s of around area. at the top o'clock hour we should see a good mixing of of you '50's are round the coastlines and '60s and '70s but as we go toward the 3:00 hour we will see more eighties and the east bay.
9:24 am
there will be 70 is across the south bay. we could squeeze out some '80s work places like airfield pittsburg and yak. it looks like we will keep it in the mid-70s or are north bay. san francisco will be 66 degrees. here is a look at your it 7 day around the bay and you will see the will get warmer through thursday and pretty much stayed the same through the net as the next week.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>> >>darya: stock and may be getting a title that is not worth bragging about. will be the first city in the entire country to declare bankruptcy.
9:28 am
the council members net into the weight of the night last night to talk about its future city council says that its negotiations are confidential. at the will be back with hot spots with towards -- with george in a couple of minutes.
9:29 am
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that's about 150,000 a month, over 2 million people so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without having to rinse them first. now see for yourself why millions have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. and now you can try finish quantum for free. visit us on facebook. >>marty: but then back to the is kron for more news. >>mark: there is the person that sell-off one of that. sen after the dodgers game. >> you can see bruises on this woman's face is the captain of our train. >> tropical storm debbie is
9:31 am
moving through northern florida right now. >>darya: is that as we are going to georgia for an update. there is a hot spot on the san mateo bridge to that block to lanes of traffic. the back up is all bay across this band and beyond the toll plaza almost to interstate 880. the traffic has been cleared but this slow traffic remains for about the next 45 minutes. do not think about hitting his bridge until after 10:30 a.m.. begin still accuse the dumbarton bridge for an alternate print the can say use the same for the cisco oakland bay bridge.
9:32 am
we have it earlier occurring incident on the lower deck of the bay bridge. it is still back up to bay shore and their street. 280 is slow from san jose and the north them. >> ec the back up at this is just in the end of the bridge. >>erica: temperatures are slowing to war and its morning. we are seeing a change of temperature is going and and th forward direction. downtown san francisco is 58 degrees. you can expect '60s and '70s up around the bay area. and by the afternoon and there should be some 80 degrees and
9:33 am
east bay. >>darya: where at a scene and a house fire in oakland. it turned deadly. jackie sizzle is there. let's find out with the latest is. i knew that there were two people and one died. >>jackie: the other person is a critical condition. this was an early morning blaze the took the life of the one person. according to the oakland fire department of them for 38 and there was a call. when they got here that house was fully engulfed in flames. when they meet entry into the house they found two people inside and they pulled them out. they started cpr and then sent them to a local hospital. one person was that pronounced dead at the hospital and the other person is in critical condition.
9:34 am
bed police say that they are not sure how the fire started. they do say that at least one smoke detector did work. giving the early morning hours, both victims suffered smoke inhalation. that's what caused the death of the one victim. >>darya: thanks. mark >> somebody fell into the water appear 32. kron 4 1 -- kron 4's will tran is on the scene. the >> but they are doing is the coastguard is covering air. they're sending smaller boats underneath the pier to see if this man possibly as and up there.
9:35 am
and has been more than 10 hours since he fell into the water. they had gone to the giants game and parked the car at the end of the pier. his other friend was walking on the edge of the pier. when he turned around his friend was gone. i asked a battalion chief why he did not hear it. the police battalion chief said that it is about 10 ft. drop to the water. and with all the sounds at that time of day he may have not heard a splash in the water. alcohol did play well of role in this. apparently the friend that survive did admit that they had several drinks. they were from the sacramento area.
9:36 am
the one he was in the water was a dodgers fan and the one that is a live is a giants fan. it has been tend maybe 11 hours since he fell into the water. a search mission has at this point become a recovery mission. there was a series of bad choices including walking on the edge of the pier especially since he did that he could not swim. >> and anti-iraq man was shot by police this morning. it said that he was wanted on a parole violation and of felony child abuse charge. he is expected to survive. >>darya: we have new aerial pictures from crop to grow in tropical storm debby.
9:37 am
president obama is processing federal aid to florida. they are expecting another 12 in. of rain to fall of the the next few days. interstates across northern florida are closed due to standing water. it is drifting toward the florida coast at 3 mi. per hour. >>darya: will be back with more and just a few minutes.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>mark: >>george: there tracking and hot spot on the san mateo bridge pit is cleared but a lot too late for one hour.
9:41 am
his calm as the traffic to be solid all my back to the nimitz freeway, then you can use the dumbarton branch, then it is a much better ride karen >>darya: to people are at a custody of beating up a pregnant woman and trying to prop work in this was on the middle of the day on the bart train with passengers on board karen this brought these robbers were assaulting is pregnant woman. two people have been a restaurant in >> and i've is screaming they started punching me in my face and my eyes. he was tied to the amount but i continued screaming and struggling.
9:42 am
but the other girl was holding me and tried to grab my eye and skin-care i looked toward everyone on the train them pit yet she got up the train is ok. elise cut out to the people that attacked her. they both have, or criminal records. >>
9:43 am
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9:45 am
>>darya: and is 9:46 a.m.. a man fell into the water last night about tend 30 p and it airs searching to recover him. >> roads to the tampa bay area are swimming underwater. it is not going to ease up at
9:46 am
least for the few days. these are pictures of the gulf of mexico. >> the giants are hosting came to over arch rival l.a. dodgers. the police of going to be just as bad as fans and hopes to prevent outbreaks of fights karen >>george: continue to track hot spots on highway 82 on the san mateo bridge. it is backed all the way across this sand and and. here are a is 92 and the westbound direction. you can see that it is just back up all the way to highway
9:47 am
880 which is sluggish and both directions. i would say until 1030 do not even think about using this >> tale bridge. i would use the dumbarton as an alternate route even though it is a little bit happy that it >> or you can use this san francisco oakland bay bridge. it speaking at the bay bridge. a look at the west bound approach. you can see this is sort of light in would be a great alternate to the san mateo bridge. >>mark: we are watched watching bay area baseball. it was a great game for the giants last night.
9:48 am
barry zeno is accurate there the disco went on to beat the dodgers 8- >> the giants will be laying the archrivals for today's american up for tonight's game at at&t park the first pitch is that 7:15 p.m. in >> more laurent became the firstfirst phase to rookie to w seven games. they speak the manners. >>darya: president obama touched on a sore subject last night.
9:49 am
they the bank then to catch bad your list which traded to the white sox. >> after he said that he was booed. that all said to. i am saying that he will have to change the color of his socks. i didn't think that ever get to adhere i understand-and not have brought up baseball. i and is >> . >>darya: he and all that well. at >>mark: @ asia not have brought it up it is a touchy subject.
9:50 am
>>darya: let's have a look at the weather with erica. >>erica: we are waking aptos sunshine and blue skies as use that outside door door. there are greek and isn't as we head into this afternoon but temperatures will be warmer than yesterday, it is the '60s and '70s and possible look 80. tamara expected to be even more warmer that warm weather trend will continue up until we hit the weekend it let's take a look at numbers right outside the set francisco is 62 degrees. you to cast or reject it '60s
9:51 am
and '70s by noontime and by 3:00 we are willing to see that 70 is spread across the bay with a possible eighties in the east bay grant with some eighties in the east bay. we will see plenty of sunshine or and land in east bay areas. the warmest areas to be anti act. which will be 82. your kron 4 or 7 day around the bay forecast shows that warm weather was the round through friday and as we head
9:52 am
into the weekend it will be mild and sunny conditions. >>mark: we will have an update on our hot spot, combat in a humanitarian -- we will come back with more on the weather and track a in a few minutes.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>kate: >> >> >> >>
9:56 am
>>george: welcome back to the kron or morning is. even with improved condition this >> tale prey to needs to be avoided. traffic is still recovering from earlier and recurring problems with two lanes blocked on the high rates and is still back up to 880 getting to the dumbarton but it is still a better ride with the next half hour. >>darya: remember the actor
9:57 am
dog. he had the pa's planted >> @ it was a sound it was a silent movie karen and that the job was bay med spot ball pop prints was right there. here he is letting his top rents >>darya: he is so well trade i am surprised that he struggled a little. better that he leave that print than the other kind of prince. >>mark: it dr. phil is up next.
9:58 am
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